Sage and Cedar Bundle - Shiva

Prabhuji's Gifts
The combination of sage and cedar joins to create a woody aroma, with cleansing and protective properties.

This sage and cedar bundle emits a woody, slightly bitter yet pleasant aroma. Sage has been burned for centuries for its purifying abilities. Cedar cleanses, heals, and protects your space and body.

The intention of smudging is to spiritually purify the surroundings. This is done by setting the smudging bundle alight, then blowing it out, and placing it in a (non-flammable!) bowl. You then allow the smoke to fill and cleanse the space. this is a sacred practice in many cultures, including Native American.

These smudging herbs are hand collected and dried in the Californian sun, in accordance with Native American practice and tradition. Every effort is made to make sure this process is environmentally sustainable. The packaging is 100% recycled, and the herbs grown in the wild. 

When you buy from Prabhuji's Gifts, not only do you support their nonprofit spiritual organization, but also their multiple humanitarian projects. These include the Prabhuji Food Rescue and Prabhuji Food Distribution Programs, which help feed people in need in the USA, India, and The Dominican Republic.



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