Ooze Resolution Silicone Caps Green


ResOlution Cleaning Caps are ideal for the lazy smoker who cleans their water pipe only when forced to by the scared look on all their friend's faces, and conversely, the obsessive cleaner who has to have a crystal clear glass smoking apparatus every time they chill out for a session.


Res Caps are the ideal sidekick to any quality glass cleaner. Whether it be an instant cleaner like formula 420 and Randy's Black Label or a soaker like Grunge off, ResOlution Res Caps compliments the cleaning process perfectly. When using an instant cleaner, you can vigorously shake the water pipe clean without worrying about nasty residue water spew about. The Silicone caps snuggly fits, creating an air-tight seal, onto any standard-size water pipe mouthpiece. Don't forget there are also preventive liquid products like Rez Blocker and Piece Water Solution that stave off the build-up of unwanted residues altogether.


The Res Caps are also convenient for travel and storage. The Res Caps can help prevent unwanted odors from permeating through the air while in storage. All around this product is a winner. We can hardly keep them in stock. Check out some of our other cleaning supplies.




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