Pulsar RoK Portable Vaporizer


The Pulsar RöK stands apart from the competition with its ability to vaporize both concentrates and dry herbs. 3 different voltage settings allow you to find the temperature that works best for you while isolated air paths and a disk percolator ensure a smooth hit even at the highest temperatures. This device is perfect if you're looking to get a portable rig at an affordable price.



  • Pulsar RöK 
  • Glass base
  • Disc perc stem
  • Dab tool
  • Dry herb carb cap
  • Concentrate carb cap
  • Quartz atomizer
  • Ceramic atomizer
  • USB charging cable
  • Silicone atomizer collar (x2)
  • Wire brush (x2)
  • Crud Bud alcohol-filled cotton swab (x4)
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Barcode: 810008093610