Pink Floyd & The Who - Palace Theater New Years 1966 Concert Print

The freezing cold hippie rave that was supposed to emancipate the audience from “social slavery” but only led to destruction and mayhem.

Early into the legendary venue’s storied history, The Roundhouse hosted a “PSYCHEDELICAMANIA” NYE show featuring Pink Floyd, The Who and The Move. It was set to dawn till dusk “rave,” emancipating the audience from “social slavery” but quickly went wrong. Firstly it was freezing cold with no internal heating, combined with loads of drugs and little facilities made the crowd rowdy. Pink Floyd performed first and was described by one critic there as having a “promising sound” but had a more interesting slideshow. The Who went on next with smoke bombs and blaring music but were plagued with tech problems ranging from complete cut-outs killing the sound to sporadic lighting. Peter Townshend was “a bit miffed,” as the Brits say, tearing his amp and speakers apart with his guitar until all were in pieces. The Move went on last with no problems and a climatic finish. The group took two irons bars and smashed two TVs depicting Hitler and Ian Smith, notorious white supremacist and Rhodesian prime minister at the time. During the display of destruction, two women stripped topless on the stage and a shivering crowd rushed to the scene, ending the night in perfect rock & roll chaos.



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