Open Mike Eagle - Component System With The Auto Reverse (LP)

This album breaks the wheel of rap.

Released in October 2022, this is the 8th studio album of Open Mike Eagle. "Component System with the Auto Reverse" is named after a popular machine that could be used to record mixtapes. Eagle was prolific in the production of such mixtapes. "Component System" is a purposeful technical masterpiece, that came about during the lock downs of 2020. Eagle wanted to break down and subvert conventional systems of rap. This album is hailed as a brilliant example of nerd rap. It is fitting then, that one of the tracks is an elegy for a founder of the genre, MF DOOM. "For DOOM" is a freestyle send off to the late rapper, who passed in 2020, and was one of the main influences on Open Mike Eagle. The two collaborated on two songs, and in "For DOOM" Eagle emphasizes how honored he felt to work with his hero. It's a beautiful elegy, with one pinnacle of the nerd rap scene mourning a titan. 


Michael W. Eagle II, better known as Open Mike Eagle, is an American hip-hop artist and comedian. He is a member of the hip-hop group Project Blowed. Eagle grew up in Chicago, in the Robert Taylor Homes, a public housing project, which would become incredibly influential on his work. After working on multiple collaborative projects, he released his first solo album, "Unapologetic Art Rap" in 2010. Art Rap is the term he has coined to describe his genre. In conjunction with the idea of Art Rap, Eagle has mentioned the influence They Might Be Giants and MF DOOM have had on him. Eagle has a plethora of podcasts, with topics ranging from the history of hip-hop, to wrestling, to the animated show Adventure Time.




  1. The Song With the Secret Name
  2. TDK Scribbled Intro
  3. 79th and Stony Island
  4. I'll Fight You
  5. Circuit City (with Video Dave and Still Rift)
  6. I Retired Then I Changed My Mind
  7. Burner Account (with Armand Hammer)
  8. For DOOM
  9. Crenshaw and Homeland
  10. Multi-Game Arcade Cabinet (with video Dave, Still Rift, and R.A.P Ferreira)
  11. Credits Interlude (with Serengeti)
  12. Peak Lockdown Raps
  13. Kites (with Video Dave and Still Rift)
  14. Cd Only Bonus Track (with Aesop Rock and Diamond D)



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