Newport Zero Honey Bee Torch

-Single jet flame -Size: 6"

Be the BUZZ of the party with this Newport Honey Bee Torch! It is a powerful butane operated device, featuring a self-igniting piezo adjustable flame, and a childproof safety lock. This torch can work from any angle and is cordless. To use, pull down the child safety lock and push onto the button above it. Be sure that the flame adjustment on the side of the torch is in the (+) position to maximize usage. It is a great kitchen accessory but is also strong enough for soldering.


Newport is a popular butane company from the UK. They are known for their adaptor kits that come with each can, ensuring that no matter what kind of lighter you have, it will be compatible with their butane. They pride themselves on having zero impurities, hence their name "Newport Zero". In recent years, they started making torches to go along with their high-end butane. 


*Disclaimer: does not come filled with butane

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Barcode: 610466049705