Medium Stink Sack 3 Pack Clear

Stink Sack

This is the classic reusable smell-proof zip-lock style bag. The Stink Sack brand is one of the originals in manufacturing high-quality bags for complete odor prevention. These are great for travel or simple day-to-day use. Perfect for avoiding odorous offense to nonappreciative individuals or inviting the scrutiny of potentially problematic persons. Basically, they help to keep the materials containing strong smells private.



They can be reused over and over. The life of the bag can depend on the ware and tare imposed by the user. The Medium size of these bags makes them extremely pocket friendly. Each pack comes with 3 individual clear smell-proof Stink Sacks. 



7.68" x 7"



  • 3 Smell Proof Clear Stink Sacks 
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Barcode: 610406801707