GRAV 16" Beaker Clear

This 16" GRAV beaker-bottom water pipe is made out of high-quality borosilicate.

This GRAV 16" beaker-bottom water pipe is for smokers who want to take smooth and massive hits. This water pipe can rip through an entire bowl in one hit, as long as you have the lungs to handle it! It features their popular fission downstem that diffuses the smoke through the water for a smoother hit. The ice catcher also serves as a splash guard, and you can use it as a handle too! It comes with a GRAV brand 14mm funnel bowl. For best results, we recommend filling this piece with around 3" of water or just past the last diffusion holes on the downstem. 


GRAV is known for its quality scientific glass pipes and water pipes, as well as innovative designs like the Helix, STAX, Arcline, and more. Aside from scientific glass, GRAV Labs also manufactures high-end vaporizers and accessories. They've been leading the industry for over 10 years and have created some of the most recognizable products for consumers around the globe. What sets GRAV apart from other brands is that they created an inexpensive product that looks awesome, and works like a charm. 

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Barcode: 011711335343