GRAV 16" Beaker Black Accent

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The GRAV 16" Beaker is for serious smokers who want to take a massive hit. This water pipe is easily capable of letting you rip through an entire bowl in one hit, as long as you have the lungs to back it up. A removable fission downstem allows for easy cleaning and diffuses your smoke for silky smooth hits. The geometric ice catch doesn't only allow you to cool your hit by adding ice, it also serves as a splash guard, and we personally like to use it as a handle. For best results, we recommend filling this piece with about 2.5" of water to prevent splashback and achieve the smoothest hit possible.



  • GRAV 16" Beaker
  • GRAV Fission Downstem
  • GRAV 14mm Funnel Bowl
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Barcode: 011711335336