Flower of Life Carved Bowl 5"D

It is made out of soapstone. Has a 5" Diameter

Check out this beautiful Flower of Life design. Give it a good look, let the psychedelic pattern wash over your 3rd eye. This carved bowl is perfect for burning sage, smudge sticks, and any other botanical essence you desire to permeate through one's sacred space. 



This elegantly hand-carved spiritual tool can be used as an excellent storage dish for jewelry and other trinkets. It is made out of soapstone in India. 



It also can be used for many types of incense such as cones and charcoal-burning resins. Fill the bowl with sand for best results with charcoal-burning resins. Hand-made in India out of quality soapstone. 




The Flower of Life is considered a sacred geometric pattern. The pattern is comprised of 7 repeating overlapping circles of an equal radius in a two-dimensional space. The Flower of Life pattern first appears in historic artifacts back in the 7th century BC. It became a commonly used ornament in the Roman Empire. It also often appears in the medieval period. It is utilized in medieval art and also, Islamic and gothic art. 






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