Diet Coke Stash Can

Storage area dimensions: 3.1" x 1.2"


There's more than meets the eye with this typical-looking can! Keep your stash secret with this iconic Diet Coke Stash Can, sure to blend in with the pile of cans you probably have laying around! It's like a needle in a haystack, good luck home invaders!


Stash Cans are like safes wearing the skin of an everyday object. The key to a great stash can is finding one that blends in with something else in your home or the inside of your car. If it looks like any other household object, no one will suspect there’s anything different inside it. Deter a burglar, nosey roommate, or helicopter parent by hiding your valuables in plain sight. They will automatically skip over a dull, everyday object. That’s the power of stash cans, their brain will not register it as anything of value. Soda cans, hairbrushes, electrical sockets, and food jars can hide things like emergency money, expensive jewelry, keys, or any other precious materials. Nobody is going to search those items because 99% of the time, those objects are exactly what they look like. Looks aren’t enough to disguise your stash they also need to weigh something. If a Nosey Nancy picks up a container and it’s too light, they will know it’s not what it seems. These stash cans are branded, weighted, and look completely inconspicuous. This is the art of disguise. 

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