Dead Kennedys - In God We Trust, Inc.


It’s pretty well-established that punks tend not to like organized religion or neonazis all too much. Still, out of all the many political screeds in hardcore, only Dead Kennedy would write one about a pesticide called Kepone. “In God We Trust, Inc.” features songs about all the aforementioned screeds and much more. Being the first recorded release the band made in the Reagan years, it features some of its first big jabs at the POTUS that would become legendary. Beyond that, the record has some of the best songs the band ever wrote, like “We’ve Got a Bigger Problem Now” and “Rawhide.”



Although not always mentioned, the Dead Kennedys (DK) are one of the great punk bands to emerge from the genre's earliest days. Hailing from San Francisco, DK was one of the best hardcore bands on the West Coast, influencing the genre musically with their surf and rockabilly sensibilities and politically with their charged, often ruthless lyricism. Lead vocalist Jello Biafra’s iconic voice and antics also helped make the band one of the most influential punk bands. From running for mayor to a protracted legal battle with Al Gore’s wife, Biafra was an activist who inspired punks to do more than whine and complain in glorified social clubs.




  1. Religious Vomit
  2. Moral Majority
  3. Hyperactive Child
  4. Kepone Factory
  5. Dog Bite
  6. Nazi Punks F*** Off
  7. We've Got a Bigger Problem Now
  8. Rawhide


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