Dead Kennedys - Fresh Fruit for Rotting Vegetables

Deluxe Edition

Fresh Fruit for Rotten Vegetables, released in 1980, is the classic debut album from California punk band the Dead Kennedys. Featuring biting satirical takes on politics and social issues from frontman Jello Biafra and some of the best musicians punk rock has seen. The album features some of the groups best loved songs, such as "California Uber Alles" and "Holiday in Cambodia", and is considered one of the greatest hardcore punk albums of all time.




  1. Kill the Poor
  2. Forward to Death
  3. When Ya Get Drafted
  4. Let's Lynch the Landlord
  5. Drug Me
  6. Your Emotions
  7. Chemical Warfare
  8. Califoria Uber Alles
  9. I Kill Children
  10. Stealing People's Mail
  11. Funland at the Beach
  12. Ill in the Head
  13. Holiday in Cambodia
  14. Viva Las Vegas
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