Crowbar - Symmetry in Black


Crowbar wields depression like a bludgeon. And after every album, Crowbar learns a new technique to knock the optimism and hope out of you like a shattered tooth. “Symmetry in Black” is the band’s tenth studio album and celebrates 25 years of dream-crushing under their boots. 



One of the big five sludge metal bands that helped pioneer the sound and put NOLA on the world metal map, Crowbar’s influence should not be overshadowed. The earliest days of Crowbar point back to hardcore band ShellShock but then guitarist Mike Hatch committed suicide. The band went on a tailspin. After many name and lineup changes verging on total collapse, Crowbar found their footing. They’d put out a debut album in 1991 but by commercial standards, wouldn’t make it anywhere. Finally, the band caught a break thanks to connections with Phil Anselmo of Pantera and their band’s rising success. Crowbar was able to rise with the floodwaters. As more people started taking notice of the NOLA metal scene, Crowbar floated to the top thanks to their unique blend of doom, hardcore and Melvin’s inspired songwriting.



  1. Walk with Knowledge Wisely
  2. Symmetry in White
  3. The Taste of Dying
  4. Reflection of Deceit
  5. Ageless Decay
  6. Amaranthine
  7. The Foreboding
  8. Shaman of Belief
  9. Teach the Blind to See
  10. A Wealth of Empathy
  11. Symbolic Suicide
  12. The Piety of Self Loathing
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