Chinese Dragon LED Backflow Incense Burner Blue

Fantasy Gifts
Resin backflow incense burner with a glowing crystal, and a Chinese dragon guarding it.

Ever wanted a pet dragon? Of course you have, you're cool. Now you cn have one that guards a glowing crystal. This incense burner will illuminate the cascading smoke, as the scent fills and cleanses the room. It is made with high quality resin, and sparkles beautifully in the dark. Backflow incense cones have a hole in the center so that the smoke flows like a waterfall


Incense is traditionally burned during times of meditation, or to help cleanse and clear the air. Incense is used to remove any unwanted odor or energy from your space. 


Standing at 7" tall, this little dragon will bring just the right amount of magic into your space. 



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Barcode: 810171026002