Camo Sky Blue Bandana

The Bandana Company
Measures 22" x 22."


The iconic paisley pattern has a history dating all the way back to ancient Persia. The teardrop-shaped motif arranged in a repeating pattern was originally named botah or buta, named for its similarity to the foliage of a cypress tree. It has a deep connection to the Zoroastrian faith, who regard it to be a symbol of a teardrop, a sun, or a phoenix. 


We get the word ‘paisley’ from the village of Paisley, Scotland which became one of the first places in Europe in the 1800s to develop a way of printing the famous pattern rather than weaving it, saving much time and money. This allowed the print to be worn by lower and middle-class folks after it had largely been reserved for elite members of society since it was so labor-intensive to weave originally. The most common article for this print was a simple square of cotton, what has through the years turned into the iconic bandana- worn by rugged icons for years from cowboys to rockstars and rappers, and now you!


Standard size 22" x 22"

Made of 100% cotton

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