Bulk Herbs - Red Rose Petal

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The rose is arguably one of the most iconic flowers in human history, and the classic rose has been the source of inspiration for thousands of years. It possesses a rich, heavenly scent and is a common choice in making perfumes, candles, and incense blends. These flowers have been domesticated into a myriad of shapes and colors over the years, but all contain the same beauty and magic of the original wild roses.



Roses have been used for offerings, incense, teas, and even beauty care products. Rose petals are believed to keep the skin petal-soft, and the thousands of gallons of rose water sold yearly around the world might be an indication of its effectiveness! 



These bulk herbs are available in the following weights.

  • 7 Gram
  • 28 Gram
  • 1/4 Pound
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