Support Your Local Smoke Shop and Record Store This Holiday Season

Support Your Local Smoke Shop and Record Store This Holiday Season

Christmas Shoppers Can Find Unique Wares for Anyone on Their List at Mushroom New Orleans

Let’s not mince words. This has been a difficult year—among the darkest times we have ever had to face, in terms of loss of American life, an economic crisis, and ensuing mental health fallout. But here at Mushroom New Orleans, we’ve been around since 1969, and we’ve weathered difficult times before—the Vietnam War, Hurricane Katrina, and the AIDS crisis, to name just a few. Throughout these trials, we’ve learned that when the going gets tough, we can lean on our neighbors for support. New Orleanians are especially resilient, and we’re so grateful to be part of this community during the good times and the bad. We also hope to help you all find a little peace and levity during the holiday season, as a truly landmark year winds down. Here are just a few suggestions for everyone on your list: a significant other, a roommate, a grandma, and everyone in between.

Adding to Grandma’s Love of Fragrance

Don’t think you can find an appropriate present for the Boomers or Great Generation members on your shopping list? Think again. Boomers are the OGs when it comes to potpourri (grandmothers have bowls of the stuff everywhere). With that in mind, why not harken back to their hippie youth or upgrade their bowls of dusty dried rose petals with an incense burner and some incense? Our burners come in shapes ranging from classic (an understated round aluminum version) to whimsical (a cute, caterpillar-shaped burner), and we’ve got incense in scents like nag champa as well as festive, wintry cinnamon.

Warming Up Your Significant Other

Is it a water pipe? Is it a lava lamp? Is it a super-futuristic amalgamation of the two, combined with the technology of a palm-sized, portable vaporizer? Yes. Yes, it is. The Puffco Peak’s chamber has a Bluetooth-enabled sensor that heats concentrates to your specified temperature (450 to 600 degrees Fahrenheit) in only 20 seconds. (Cue bad pun about how this gift will heat your significant other up equally fast.)

Lighting It Up for a Neighbor

Whether they smoke or not, a Scorch Torch Matador comes in handy. Smoke shop enthusiasts will appreciate its refillable butane chamber for obvious reasons, and aspiring chefs will reach for it every time they make creme brulee or light a gas stove.

Presenting Storage Options for Your Roommate

If you haven’t been the perfect roommate (we’ve all forgotten to take the trash out once or twice), now is the time to make amends with the perfect present. The best gifts don’t have to cost a lot, but they do display a certain thoughtfulness. They’ll thank you every time they open their Tightvac 1.3 liter to access fresh, fragrant legal smoking herb. Best of all, the Tightvac keeps smells inside.

Hunting Records for Your Folks

Whether you listened to the music of your youth on streaming platforms, iPods, CDs, or tape cassettes, there’s one thing we can almost all agree on: music sounds better on vinyl. To appeal to their sense of nostalgia while capturing a truly superior auditory experience, give your parents their favorite record on vinyl…or share a favorite of your own.

We hope this shopping guide sparks some inspiration. If not, come by the store any day between 10 a.m. and midnight, and let us be your helpful elves. See you soon!

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