Spotlight on CBD Company Green Roads

Spotlight on CBD Company Green Roads

Mushroom New Orleans Carries CBD Products From Pioneering Wellness Firm

CBD connoisseurs know that every flower is special, with its own one-of-a-kind beauty and characteristics. One of the great things about working at a New Orleans smoke shop is getting to know CBD on both a micro level (think individual products) and a macro level (think of the teams responsible for cultivating the hemp and distributing the final CBD products). We've learned that behind each magical hemp plant, there's an equally magical team. Today, we'll spotlight Green Roads, a wellness company that's been in the CBD game since 2013.

The Beginning of the Road

Like so many CBD companies, Green Roads started as the answer to a problem. Specifically, Laura Fuentes, a licensed pharmacist with more than 20 years of experience, saw her friends and family suffering from a variety of maladies that she wanted to help them find relief for. At the time, the world wasn't quite as hemp-friendly as it is today, but Fuentes saw its potential to help the general public, and she began perfecting her formulations after-hours. When she joined forces with entrepreneur and CBD enthusiast Arby Barros, Green Roads was born.

Since then, the company has become a pioneer in transparency and education in the CBD field, as well as the largest privately-owned CBD company in the U.S. It literally coined the phrase "broad spectrum." Green Roads also received an award for Best CBD Product at the Cannabis Business Awards in 2018 and 2019. And you can find their award-winning products at Mushroom New Orleans!

What products does Green Roads offer?

A lot! Here at The Mushroom, we carry four out of six available Green Roads tinctures, which include 100 MG, 300 MG, 550 MG, and 100 MG with added terpenes. You can also find Green Roads CBD Crystalline Isolate, which is 99.7 percent CBD. The company's diverse product mix includes topicals, capsules, and softgels, CBD bath bombs ... even CBD drops for cats and dogs. As you can see, there's a product for pretty much anyone.

The Green Roads Difference

Green Roads' organic, non-GMO hemp (with certificates of origin) is sourced from Colorado and cultivated in Florida. Its potency is verified via independent third-party testing at a USDA-approved hemp lab, and each product's lab sheet is publicly posted. You won't find metals, solvents, or pesticides in Green Roads products. Plus, pharmacists make the formulations in an FDA-caliber clean room. The end result is a remarkably consistent product.

Green Roads has been a pioneer in the CBD wellness world, thanks in no small part to its employees' unwavering belief that hemp has the potential to positively impact individuals, the economy, and the planet as a whole. We hope you'll swing by Mushroom New Orleans and experience this company's life-enhancing work for yourself. We're open every day from 10 a.m. to midnight. It's worth the trip!

CBD products are only available in-store and are not available for online purchase.

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