Make New Friends With These Board Games for Adults

Make New Friends With These Board Games for Adults

Risqué card games, chakra games, glow-in-the-dark Ouija boards, and perfectly balanced ping-pong balls are all at Mushroom New Orleans.

Ah, board games, the wholesome, family-friendly staple of your youth, and perhaps—with some slight modifications—the icebreaker at your next gathering. Whether you're a veteran of all-night sessions of Settlers of Catan or the follies of adult charades, we have many toys and games to delight your inner child.

Risqué Card Games

What could be more fun than an NC-17 spin on a classic? Try Gay Sex Card Game, Lesbian Sex Card Game, Naked! Strip Poker Card Game, and What the Fuck Drinking Game: Totally Fucked Up Version. Some of these charades are actually challenging. How would you silently convey the phrases "horny devil," "Mr. Woodcock," or "the little man in the boat"? And although you may think that your sex life is daringly exploratory, well, have you really experienced all the many possibilities of sapphic sex illustrated in the Lesbian Sex Card Game?

Glow-in-the-dark Ouija Board

These aren't exactly your vintage 1980s horror film Ouija boards (a.k.a. spirit boards or talking boards). No. These glow in the dark! Okay, so maybe they are pretty much your vintage 1980s horror film Ouija boards (which, however, did not typically glow in the dark). Try one and see if you can open a portal to another dimension through which spiritual entities ranging from your deceased grandmother to horny demons may enter our earthly realm. Perhaps some of those horny demons would be willing to play a hand or two of the Gay Sex Card Game? You can also try the Anne Stokes Mystic Aura Ouija Board, with artwork depicting a fairy inviting you to make contact with that other dimension.

Drinking Games

Be the best beer pong player you can be. Use brand-new Kevenz Three-Star Ping Pong Balls that are so well-balanced and smooth, with such great spin and consistent bounce, that you play beer pong better than ever, perhaps even emerge as a true beer pong champion. Finally, ping pong balls designed in a manner commensurate with your athleticism! Unless you're not the athletic type . . . in which case, play doctor instead with the help of our Shot Glass Syringe Shooters Three-Pack.

Chakra Games

You've done a lot of drinking. Now it's time to ground yourself and your partner by playing the Mind, Body, and Soul Game for Couples, which helps you to connect with the cosmos and align all seven chakras while you do deep exploration and shadow work. Plus, the chakra questions get pretty sexy.

Explore these and other outré entertainments at Mushroom New Orleans. We're open every day from 10 a.m. to midnight.

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