Anne Stokes Mystic Aura Ouija Board

This is a full-sized board, 15.5" X 12".

Ah, the classic Ouija board. It has been embraced by many generations of spiritually curious individuals. The Ouija, also referred to as spirit boards or talking boards, became commercially available on July 1st, 1890. It was brought to market by an entrepreneur named Elijah Bond.  



This version is a bit of a fairy twist on the original. The Anne Stokes art design depicts a fairy inviting the user to communicate with the spirit realm. We here at The Mushroom think it is a much more fun-version of the original.



Originally, spiritualists believed the living could be contacted by the dead using a board with letters, numbers, and a planchette-style instrument, similar to the modern Ouija board. 



The Planchette is the movable indicator used, by spirits, to spell out messages during seances. It usually is a heart-shaped piece of wood or plastic with a center hole for spiritual letter and number selection. 






  • 1 Anne Stokes Mystic Aura Ouija Board 15.5" x 12" 
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