Smoke Shop Product Highlight: the PuffCo Peak Pro Opal

Smoke Shop Product Highlight: the PuffCo Peak Pro Opal

Get the Latest Model at Mushroom New Orleans

If you are interested in the latest technology for consuming legal concentrated smoking materials, we have good news. The newest, biggest, smartest vaporizer on the market is now available at Mushroom New Orleans: the PuffCo Peak Pro Opal.

Next Generation of Portable Electronic Vaporizers

The PuffCo Peak Pro Opal is the successor to the PuffCo Peak Pro, a limited-edition model lauded for its efficiency and seamless performance. The high level of customization and control of the new model represents a new standard for concentrate technology. With all its upgrades, including app connectivity, the Opal is one of the best concentrate vaporizers currently available.

Features of the PuffCo Peak Pro Opal

The Opal Peak Pro has a pearlescent metal band and a heliced inner cone with an opal at the crown, complemented by a clear base that provides a clean look. When active, an LED light illuminates the device, creating an otherworldly appearance. Another important new feature is the Peak Pro app integration for iPhone and Android phones, which allows you to customize your experience -- for example, by setting a temperature.

The Opal also includes a wireless charging dock that can power up the device within two hours, a sealed ceramic chamber, customizable LED lights, and an auto-shut-off or auto-sleep function. The battery lasts for about 30 sessions between charges. The four preprogrammed heat settings should be enough, but you can unlock more through the app. The heating time is only 30 seconds. The Opal is compatible with the PuffCo's two earlier models, the original Peak and the Pro.

How is the Opal Peak Pro different from previous vaporizer models?

The Peak Pro improved on the original Peak, and the Opal takes it up a notch with several significant upgrades. First of all, the look is different and more ergonomic. The Opal has a white exterior, a departure from the black finish of the Peak Pro. The Opal also has a transparent base that allows the LED lights to shine through to create an ethereal, elegant look. The heliced inner cone allows more vapor cooling.

The ceramic chamber is now larger, and the cap is more stable, to prevent leakage. Both battery life and water capacity have been increased. One of the biggest upgrades is the app connectivity.

Opal Peak Pro Accessories

Here is what's in the box:

  • Peak Pro Opal base
  • Opal glass
  • The Opal chamber jacket and tether
  • Oculus cap
  • Chamber
  • Carrying case
  • Loading tool
  • Dual tools
  • AC adapter
  • USB-C cable

Stop by our New Orleans smoke shop daily between 10 a.m. and midnight to check it out. We're big fans of PuffCo, and our friendly staff can answer any questions about their products and how to use them. You can also contact us for help with any of our products before placing an order.

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