Benefits of Vaping Dry Herb

Benefits of Vaping Dry Herb

Our Favorite Essentials for Dry Herb Vaping


Its genetics were carefully selected for potency and optimum growth. It was lovingly cultivated in an environment with just the right mix of light, temperature, micronutrients, and humidity. Now, the perfect herbal blend with fragrant leaves has arrived in your possession. There's just one question left: How to enjoy it to its full potential?


Vaping is a simple, efficient, and smokeless way to enjoy dry herbs. However, it can involve a bit of a learning curve. A quality grinder, a vaporizer with adjustable heat settings, and knowledge of how to use these tools are essential for maximizing your vaping experience -- and savoring every last bit of nature's bounty. Read on for your local smoke shop’s tips and tricks to the dry herb vape game.


Step One: Back to the Grind

Sure, you could break the material apart manually and load them into your vaporizer's chamber. There's just one problem. 


There's no way that your fingers can shred herb as efficiently as a quality grinder. Its multiple sharp teeth slice and dice material into fine clumps that are easy to load into a chamber. The tinier the chunk, the larger its surface area -- which means that more of the material is exposed to heat. You won't open up your chamber after a session and find large clumps of material with toasted exteriors and fresh, untouched interiors -- like burgers that haven't cooked all the way through.


Finally, good grinders, such as the Santa Cruz Shredder, have separate chambers that allow the tinier particles to sift through a screen and collect at the bottom of the grinder. When enough has accumulated, you'll have a nice harvest to sprinkle on top of a bowl or enjoy solo. In short, a grinder allows you to enjoy your material more efficiently -- which provides a better vape session and saves you money in the long run.


Step Two: Step Into My Chamber

Correctly packing a vape chamber is an art. You don't want to pack too tightly, or you could restrict airflow. And you don't want to pack too loosely, or the material won't be heated consistently. Like Goldilocks, you're looking for a balance that's just right -- which for most models means a fine grind, a firm pack, and a fully loaded chamber. Some people find drier herb vaporizes better, so you might try laying your herb out on paper for about 15 minutes after grinding it, to remove any moisture.


Step Three: Pick the Right Temperature

Many vapes, such as the Pax 3 vaporizer, have adjustable temperature settings. The setting you choose will affect the outcome of your vape session. Lower levels (310-330 degrees Fahrenheit) give a more mellow flavor and promote gentle relaxation. Moderate levels (330-370 degrees Fahrenheit) intensify the strength. From 370 to 430 degrees Fahrenheit, your vape gives a robust, full flavor. Use this setting if you want to meditate, sleep, or find your inner peace.


We hope this has been a helpful, informative guide to vaping! It's a world of its own, and it's definitely a fantastic way to enjoy dry herbs. Stop by Mushroom New Orleans to share your thoughts, tips, and tricks -- and to check out our latest selection of portable dry herb vaporizers and vape pens. We're open daily til midnight.

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