Billy Strings - Home (LP)

Modern bluegrass from a prodigy.

The Grammy award winning "Home" is Billy Strings' 4th studio album. It is his first Grammy, and his first album to reach #1 on Billboard's Bluegrass Album charts. The album takes inspiration from the experience of learning to call a new place home, as Strings was settling into his new Nashville home and career. The album shifts focus back and forth between social issues and more personal stories of the artist. The simplistic narrative intensity stays continuous throughout.


What is there to say about Billy Strings? Well for one thing, he might just be the future of modern bluegrass. The Grammy winner combines traditional bluegrass techniques with a punk and psychedelic sensibility, returning the genre to the subversive folk art it was always meant to be. He's the new darling of the jam scene, swaying crowds with songs that have the intimate intensity of folk music storytelling made new again. He draws from his childhood in his music, a family both supportive and musical, as well as riddled with tragedy and addiction. His album "Home" won the Grammy for Best Bluegrass Album in 2021. 




  1. Taking Water
  2. Must Be Seven
  3. Running
  4. Away From The Mire
  5. Home
  6. Watch It Fall
  7. Long Forgotten Dream
  8. Highway Hypnosis
  9. Enough to Leave
  10. Hollow Heart
  11. Love Like Me
  12. Everything's the Same
  13. Guitar Peace
  14. Freedom
  15. Untitled Instrumental




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Barcode: 888072116733