Bike Chain Skull Leather Tri-Fold Chain Wallet


Have you ever lost your wallet during a fun night out on the town? It is extremely inconvenient and it can happen to the most conscientious of individuals. There is nothing better than a chain to keep your wallet from disappearing on one of its own adventures. Attaching the chain to a belt loop will prevent you from leaving it on a bar counter or restaurant table, or simply from falling out of a pocket without notice. 


The Chain wallet has appealed to many different genres of people over the years. It has been embraced by the biker, metal, and punk rock communities. Over the years the classic chain wallet has crossed over to many other demographics of individuals. Basically, chain wallets are not only badass looking, they are really hard to randomly leave places. That is an attribute many customers love. You can go out into the world and know your wallet will return home safely when you do. 


This wallet is made out of white 100% real leather. It is a trifold wallet with plenty of pocket space for business cards, pictures of loved ones, and good ole' fashioned cold hard cash. The 14" chain allows for ample maneuvering when handling the wallet at a point of sale or simply searching for a business card you tucked away for safekeeping.



  • Made of 100% real leather 
  • Snap lock Tri-Fold Design
  • 14" Heavy Duty Chrome Plated Chain 
  • 3 Card Slots 
  • 4 Double Sided Picture Windows 
  • 1 Full-Length Money Slot
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