Acid Bath - Paegan Terrorism Tactics


“Paegan Terrorism Tactics” was the final album from Louisiana stoner metal outfit Acid Bath. The band would end the year after the album's release due to the death of bassist Audie Pitre and his parents by a drunk driver. Acid Bath brewed together influences of death metal, sludge, grunge and goth aesthetics to form a unique and influential sound setting them apart from neighbor bands like EYEHATEGOD and Down. Their iconic album covers have become an enduring symbol of the band. “Paegan Terrorism Tactics” depicted Jesus Christ puppeteered by rabbits and was taken from an original piece painted by Jack Kevorkian, aka Dr. Death, for his practices of assisted euthanasia. The art and its origin is a  dark and congruous metaphor for what Acid Bath’s music is all about.



  1. Paegan Love Song
  2. Bleed Me An Ocean
  3. Graveflower
  4. Di B Soul
  5. Locust Spawning
  6. Old Skin
  7. New Death Sensation
  8. Venus Blue
  9. 13 Fingers
  10. New Corpse
  11. Dead Girl
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Barcode: 032357304425