5ml Glass Container with Silicone Lid

5mL glass container with silicone lid. Assorted colors, selection will be random.

Why does anyone still use parchment paper to store their concentrates? Moisture and sunlight are two of the biggest enemies of concentrates. They degrade the potency and taste of your materials, producing unsatisfying and rank rips. Use your head and store your concentrates in this convenient and protective silicone capped glass jar.


Silicone is the ideal solution for storing and protecting your concentrates. These containers are airtight and odor-proof, protecting your materials from moisture and oxygen while also protecting your privacy. Silicone and glass are also incredibly resistant to sticky substances, and you can easily scoop out even the stickiest substances with any dab tool we carry. All these benefits are capped off with the lid's unique locking mechanism that always stays closed through bumps and drops, ensuring that nothing comes out until you're ready to open it.




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