5.5" Tyson 2.0 Boxing Glove Hand Pipe Black

Tyson 2.0
$99.99 $74.99
5.5" in length. This hand pipe is made from heavy borosilicate glass. This pipe is a total knockout!

Crafted in the image of legendary boxer Mike Tyson, is the new Tyson 2.0 boxing glove-shaped hand pipe. It is designed to pack a punch worthy of a champion. This piece is made from premium materials and features iconic Mike Tyson graphics. The combined style and functionality make this hand pipe unbeatable. 


The Tyson 2.0 comes in a unique boxing glove shape. Comes with a reprinted authentic Tyson signature. Each piece is made with precision to ensure smooth and powerful hits every time. This fine smoking accessory is made as a collaboration Between Mike Tyson and Empire Glassworks. 


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