4.5" Plants vs. Zombies Silicone Gandalf Hand Pipe


Are you worried about an advancing horde of zombies? Do you want to protect your plants and home while not worrying about the safety of your smoking accessories? Silicone hand pipes are the perfect smoking tools in a zombie apocalypse.


Do you have a pet that constantly knocks your glass pieces off the couch or table? Do you have that one friend who always seems to break your nice pipes? Are you that friend? (Big yikes) These silicone pieces can withstand anything! Silicone hand pipes are perfect for travel, camping, sessions with careless friends, and anything else you can imagine.


This pipe is made from food-grade silicone and features a removable glass bowl. To clean, remove the bowl and wash it with your favorite glass cleaner. Since silicone is non-stick, you can easily clean the rest of the pipe simply by rinsing it with warm soapy water. 




  • Silicone Pipe
  • Removable Glass Screened Bowl
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