4" Retro Striped Wood Twist Top Dugout

4" Tall Striped Dugout.

Ah, the classic dugout. This smoking apparatus is almost as old as the smoke shop business. They are the perfect on-the-go smoking tool. Dugouts are discreet and very pocket-friendly. Definitely ideal for the worker that needs something easy to use during break time.



Each dugout has a generous storage area for ground-up dry material. Also comes with a complimentary storage spot for a traditional cigarette bat. This Colorful Dugout has a convenient twist top. 



The Retro style multi-color striped pattern is extremely eye-catching. These dugouts certainly are very pleasing to look at. Put your order in today! (Written in stereotypical infomercial person voice)





  • 4" Retro Striped Wood Twist Top Dugout
  • Standard Full-Size 3" Cigarette Bat
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