18" Triple Stacked Honey Comb Water Pipe 9mm Thick


This is 18" of thick glass and supreme filtration. The Honey Comb diffuser disc is one of the most efficient and smooth style percolators. This big water pipe comes with 3 of them stacked in an efficient and impressive percolator chamber. The excessive number of mini hole openings in the diffuser yield more smoke per volume of air in one inhalation. The is the benefit of maximum diffusion. It produces a steady and evenly distributed ingestion of smoke or vapor.



A large water pipe like this is excellent for adding fun accessories. For example, an 18mm 90° matrix diffused ash catcher, banger, or an e-nail make great additions to this fine piece. We here at The Mushroom love this Water Pipe!



We highly suggest getting a zip-up protective storage bag made specifically for water pipes. Vatra makes the most popular thick cushioned storage bags. 





  • 18" Water Pipe
  • 18mm Standard Funnel Bowl
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