16" Double 8 Arm Tree Perc Beaker Water Pipe

$119.99 $89.99

This badass water pipe features a standard diffused downstem beaker base and double stacked 8 arm tree percs, adding up to 3 stages of smoke filtration. This makes even the biggest rips silky smooth. Standing 16" tall, a perfectly proportioned beaker base makes this piece incredibly stable. 



It comes with a standard 14mm bowl or if you need a little more versatility, add a banger to the purchase. If you add a banger, don't forget a handy tool and torch. Here at The Mushroom, we Believe you should have all the options available. There is no reason to deprive yourself of the best of both worlds. 



We highly suggest getting a zip-up protective storage bag made specifically for water pipes. Vatra makes the most popular thick cushioned storage bags. 






  • 16" Double 8 Arm Tree Perc Beaker Water Pipe
  • 14mm Bowl
  • Standard Removable Glass on Glass Downstem
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