Zippo Wick


Over time your wick will turn black from carbon build-up, which will reduce performance. When this happens you need to “trim the wick". This should happen 3-4 times a year, depending on how much you use your lighter. Each wick is replaceable and lasts at least 3 trimmings. To trim, pull the wick up gently until the fresh white wick is even to the chimney height and trim the black part of the wick off. Once you need to change the wick entirely, start by removing all of the fuel chamber’s components; the flint screw, felt pad, packing material, and the old wick. Install the new wick thru the chimney hole and bend the top portion of the wick over the chimney to hold it in place during reassembly. Replace the packing material in small pieces, interweaving the wick between the padding in an “S” shape. The goal is to make sure the wick has as much contact with the packing material as possible. Reinstall the felt pad over the flint tube and secure it with the flint screw. Once that is done, trim the wick even with the chimney height and reinstall the insert into the case!


Introduced in 1933, Zippos are known for their wind-proof design and sturdy exterior. They are made in the USA and have hundreds of designs to choose from. Each lighter has a distinctive pattern, bottom stamp signifying the year it was made, and they are all backed by Zippo's famous lifetime guarantee. All lighters are refillable and come packaged in a gift box. Zippo gained popularity during WWII, where the company manufactured its virtually indestructible lighters for the US military. After this period, they were known as an icon to the American people and a lighter you could trust regardless of what life throws at you. 

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