White Zombie - Supersexy Swingin Sounds


The electronic reimagining of White Zombie’s seminal album “Astro Creep: 2000,” “Supersex Swingin Sounds” reinforced the disco floor with post-apocalyptic barricades and jury-rigged battle emplacements to fend off the monster hordes with groovy rage (but make it sexy). It was a bold statement from beyond the grave of an already dying band.



Although often remembered as the band Rob Zombie started, White Zombie and its members contributed far more to metal than just him (No disrespect to Rob). Rob and his then-girlfriend Sean Yseult co-founded White Zombie as art school students in the grimy NYC underground of the 80s. In a male-dominated scene, Sean regularly was singled out as a groupie or token rather than the creative force she was or much less a member of the band. Musically, Sean arguably was the backbone, having been classically trained as a kid. Beyond that, Sean also had a keen sense for visuals, pursuing photography and design. And for a band like White Zombie, visuals were just as important as the sound. Her knowledge made White Zombie’s vision as a theatrical horror metal-fusion band a reality. And whether you love him or hate him, Rob’s creativity and gruff vocals completed White Zombie as one of the most influential metal bands of the 90s. Fun fact for the New Orleans folks, Sean founded and then ran a local bar, The Saint, for many years that you can still visit.



  1. Electric Head Pt.2 (Sexational After Dark Mix)
  2. More Human Than Human (Meet Bambi in the King's..)
  3. I, Zombie (Europe in the Raw Mix)
  4. Grease Paint and Monkey Brains (Sin Centers of...)
  5. Blur the Technicolor (Poker from Stud to Strip Mix)
  6. Super-Charger Heaven (Adults Only Mix)
  7. El Phantasmo and the Chicken-Run Blast-O-Rama (Wine, Women and Song Mix)
  8. Blood, Milk and Sky (Miss September Mix)
  9. Real Solution #9 (Mambo Mania Mix)
  10. Electric Head Pt. 1 (Satan in High Heels Mix)
  11. I'm Your Boogie Man (Sex on the Rocks Mix)
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