Vale Detox Solution 4X


Vale's 4X Formula is a great detox beverage for people over 200lbs or who have high levels of toxin exposure. This pre-mixed and concentrated drink tastes excellent and is packed full of vitamins and other nutrients to enhance your body's natural detoxification process. When you want to start your cleanse, shake the bottle and drink the entire solution. Wait for 20 minutes, then refill the bottle with water, shake, and drink again to ensure you don't miss anything that may have stuck to the sides. Be sure to urinate at least 2-3 times, as your body begins to expel toxins, the odor and color of your pee may be different than usual. Your detoxification will start being effective in just 1 hour and can last for up to 5 hours total.


For detoxes to work to their fullest potential, we strongly advise eating nutrient-rich foods and drinking lots of water. Additionally, avoid exposure to any other toxins like alcohol or nicotine for at least 72 hours to get the most out of your cleanse.

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