Strio Trip Enhancer Magnetic Lid Rolling Tray

Made from heavy-duty metal.

Three reasons why rolling trays are worth it: 


  1. Keeps It Clean - Preventing spills, the big practical reason for owning any rolling tray. You get the most out of your stash by ensuring you don’t lose any to the floor goblins. Beyond that, it’s easy to wash and keeps your space tidy.
  2. The Ritual - Smoking is meditation and a rolling tray helps build the space for you to make the most out of your experience. Keep all your herbs and supplies in one place so that when you’re ready to roll up, it’s all in one spot for you— no more misplacing, no more anxiety, just straight mindfulness
  3. Assert Yourself - It’s your joint, make the process yours too. Pick a size, art and/or material that best fits your personality and smoking habits. It all goes back to the ritual. This time is about you. Why not make it reflect that?




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