Shark Tooth Necklace Rainbow Beads

Magic Touch
Shark Tooth Necklace - Rainbow Beads

It is completely reasonable to go through a shark tooth necklace or seashell necklace phase. We all have one. Maybe it was a trip to California (or more likely Gulfport Beach), seeing the surfer dudes and dudettes' freshly tanned skin accentuated by their blonde hair and bone-white jewelry. Maybe it was the hit 2000s animated film, “Surf’s Up,” and the sick life lessons those flightless birds taught us. I get it. It’s radical. Bite’s lip + hang loose emoji. We all need to feel connected with the big blue. So if you’ve been denying yourself that special opportunity to feel like Raymond Rocket of Rocket Power, now’s your chance to go with the flow, paddle out, and ride that white cap into that bright yellow ball of salt-life. 




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