Scorch Torch X-Series Super Torch Red #1

Scorch Torch
-Single jet flame -Size: 6.75"

The Scorch Torch X-Series Super Torch may only have one single jet flame but it is a powerhouse, reaching a temperature of 2500F. It is refillable and runs on butane. The X-Series Supreme produces a strong adjustable flame and the piezo ignition is safe and easy to use. To ignite, push down the button until it clicks. There is a gauge on the side for flame control. The ergonomic grip makes one-handed use easy. Its sleek design is great for on-the-go use or outdoor adventures.


Scorch Torch is a popular manufacturer of reliable lighters for the modern world. They use high-quality materials to ensure long-lasting use. Scorch Torch lighters feature piezo ignition, which is not only easy-to-use and convenient, it is safer. Whether you are kicking back at home with a cigar or seeking a durable lighter to tag along on your next camping trip, they have you covered on all of your lighter needs. 


*Disclaimer: does not come filled with butane

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