Save Face - Another Kill For the Highlight Reel (LP)

New Jersey rock band, Save Face, plays with their sound in gothic rock opera album.

"Another Kill For The Highlight Reel" is the second album of New Jersey rock band Save Face. The album was released in 2021, and is experimental in nature for the band. In their sophomore album, Save Face takes a theatrical turn, dabbling in the rock opera genre. The gothic sounding tracks interplay with the band's native pop punk sound, producing something vibrantly macabre. Save Face is clearly having fun on this album, even the title being a nod to Horror B-films and their melodrama. 


Save Face is an American rock band based out of New Jersey. Formed in 2012, they took their time publishing their work, with their first EP "Folly", in 2016. Known for exhaustively touring, it would almost be easier to list the bands this group hasn't performed with. They've shared the stage with The Menzingers, Prince Daddy & The Hyena, The Early November, Mom Jeans, The Wonder Years, and America Part Two, just to list a few. Touring hasn't really slowed them down on producing new music. They've released two studio albums, and numerous EPs and singles. They've played Riot Fest, The Fest, and South by Southwest. (They also perform in matching jumpsuits!)




  1. The Funeral You've Been Asking For
  2. Curse Me Out
  3. Another Kill for the Highlight Reel
  4. Bury Me (Tonight!)
  5. Sharpen Your Teeth
  6. A Song for Your Futile Heart
  7. Glitter
  8. The Perks of Not Being Able to See Your Reflection
  9. A.M Gothic
  10. Watch You Die Again
  11. Please Murder Me




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Barcode: 045778780631