Santa Cruz Shredder Small 4 Piece 1 5/8"

Santa Cruz
This 1 5/8" four-piece Santa Cruz Shredder is made out of medical-grade anodized aluminum in the USA.

Santa Cruz Shredders are one of the highest quality grinders you can buy. They are made in the USA and out of medical-grade anodized aluminum. This herb grinder uses a revolutionary tooth design that shreds your product evenly and to a fluffy consistency, making it perfect for rolling and for vaporizers.  The threading pattern and the rare earth magnet in the lid ensures a tight lock, keeping your herbs fresh. The textured grip makes this grinder a favorite among patients who are suffering from hand or wrist pain. Santa Cruz Shredders are known for their mesh screen and a curved bottom that makes it incredibly easy to collect any sort of herbal pollen, you do not waste a speck! Santa Cruz offers a lifetime manufacturer's guarantee. One of the best purchases any herbal connoisseur can make.  

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