Puffco Cupsy Water Pipe


If your morning coffee isn't enough, the Puffco Cupsy is for you!


The Cupsy seems like any other coffee cup to your friends and coworkers. Little do they know you're carrying a water pipe in disguise. A simple flip of the mouthpiece in the lid transforms it into a mouthpiece and exposes the included ceramic bowl hidden discretely within. Hidden below is a downstem completely concealed within the stainless steel cup to filter your hits and make them nice and smooth.


Want an even more discrete experience? No worries! Simply take the lid and attached downstem off of your Cupsy and snap it onto any standard size to-go coffee cup, just make sure you've finished the coffee first!




We recommend rinsing all parts of your Puffco Cupsy before your first use to ensure they are spotless. Next, add some water to the included stainless steel cup or whatever other cup you want to use. Now snap on the lid and move the included ceramic bowl from its concealed storage to sit above the downstem. Fill the bowl loosely and spark it up using a regular lighter (not a torch) and enjoy!

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Barcode: 810028443044