Public Enemy - Black T-Shirt

This officially licensed Public Enemy t-shirt is made from 100% cotton.
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The famous Public Enemy "crosshairs" logo is thought to symbolize the black man in America. For years, people thought it was a state trooper because of the hat, but the hat is one like Run-DMC wore. The B-Boy stance and the silhouette was meant to be more like a black man on the target.


Public Enemy is an American hip-hop group formed by the iconic Chuck D and Flavor Flav in New York City circa 1985. The group rose to fame for their political messages, including subjects such as racism in America and the way black people (especially men) were represented in the media. Public Enemy made contributions to the hip-hop world with musical experimentation as well as political and cultural consciousness, which infused itself into skilled and poetic rhymes. They have gone through many lineup changes over the years, with Chuck D and Flavor Flav remaining the only constant members until 2020. Public Enemy's first four albums during the late 1980s and early 1990s were all certified either gold or platinum and were thought to be the most acclaimed body of work ever by a hip-hop act. They were also seen as one of the first hip-hop groups to do well internationally. Their revolutionary influence is seen throughout hip-hop and is recognized in society and politics still today. 

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