Ooze Slime Carver Shatter Resistant Glass Rolling Tray


Ooze Slime Carver Shatter-Resistant Glass Rolling Tray!

The Ooze crew just dropped the best rolling tray collection, and you can drop them too! These glass rolling trays are created with shatter-resistant tempered glass and come in a variety of designs.


Tired of getting material all over your pants? Over losing crumbs of your precious stash because you dropped them onto the floor? Annoyed at always having to find a magazine or something flat to roll on? Well, we've got you covered with this high-quality rolling tray! Keep your papers, grinder, and other rolling accessories in one spot. Don't lose your supply to the black hole on the ground.



Small: 6.3" x 4.75"

Medium: 10" x 6"

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Barcode: 810859039270