Nine Inch Nails - Hesitation Marks


The eighth studio album from Nine Inch Nails, “Hesitation Marks” was released at a point when the future of NIN was up in the air. Trent Reznor felt the project needed to be put to rest as members sought outside projects, including Reznor himself. But fans and critics alike were delighted to see yet another solid release from the project. It was praised as sounding more modern while still feeling true to NIN. It received a Grammy and landed on a few music publications' lists for best album of the year.



Nine Inch Nails (NIN), specifically the work of lead creative Trent Reznor, has proven to be one of the most influential and offbeat bands of the ‘90s. Their music popularized industrial rock, spawning generic imitators as big as Axl Rose to adopt the sound. Reznor’s stubbornness to his vision led him to play and write all the instruments except drums which he programmed with a drum machine. The band only came together on tour or to help with the many schemes Reznor would come up with, like creating multimedia experiences for fans ranging from short films to a VR game to elaborate puzzles leading to the location of a secret performance. Inspired by David Bowie, Reznor wanted to create a public image that was simultaneously ubiquitous but mysterious. And NIN’s influence would have a bizarre reach in pop music, from direct samples like on Lil Nas X’s “Old Town Road” to subtle influences on stars like Billie Eilish. Reznor also called New Orleans home at one point, running Nothings Studio on Magazine Street not far from La Boulangerie today. He recorded artists like Pantera here before Hurricane Katrina solidified his decision to leave the city for the west coast.



  1. The Eater of Dreams
  2. Copy of a
  3. Came Back Haunted
  4. Find My Way
  5. All Time Low
  6. Disappointed
  7. Everything
  8. Satellite
  9. Various Methods of Escape
  10. Running
  11. I Would for You
  12. In Two
  13. While I'm Still Here
  14. Black Noise
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