Muhammad Ali vs Sonny Liston Poster 36"x24"

Vertical poster, 24" x 36"


Muhammad Ali was born Cassius Clay in Louisville, Kentucky in the year 1942. Known simply in his career as "The Greatest," Ali has won over 50 fights and numerous championships. In 1964, he beat the previous World Heavyweight Wrestling Champion Sonny Liston in a major upset, surprising fans and onlookers around the world. He became the youngest person in history to do so, shattering any previous ideas about the capabilities of young men in wrestling. Muhammad Ali was also an outspoken figure in the Civil Rights movement and was arrested in 1967 for refusing to participate in the Vietnam War. Ali had been drafted to join the service but quoted his own personal and religious beliefs in opposition to his summon. He was consequentially arrested, however the support he received encouraged him to join the fight against social injustice in America.

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