Misfits - Static Age


“Static Age” is The Misfits at their most purely punk with tracks like “Hybrid Moments,” “Teenagers From Mars,” “We Are 138” and “Some Kinda Hate.” Although not technically released until 1997, “Static Age” was the first album the band ever recorded back in 1977. Bits and pieces of the album would be released in other records throughout their discography.



Punk is for misfits, and the Misfits define punk. Or at least a particular punk aesthetic, with their B-film horror movie makeup and costumes to their iconic “crimson ghost” skull. The New Jersey band would become synonymous with Halloween and general teenage high-jinks after dark. The evil Elvis himself, Glenn Danzig also contributed to the band's iconic sound with his mumbly, sometimes slurred vocals. Perhaps one of the most legally troubled bans ever, Misfits’ history is as rough as their recordings, but as the lord intended, the band has healed and can shout “I ain’t no goddamn son of bitch,” until they croak.




  1. Static Age
  2. TV Casualty
  3. Some Kinda Hate
  4. Last Caress
  5. Return of the Fly
  6. Hybrid Moments
  7. We Are 138
  8. Teenagers from Mars
  9. Come Back
  10. Angelf***
  11. Hollywood Babylon
  12. Attitude
  13. Bullet
  14. Theme for a Jackal
  15. She
  16. Spinal Remains
  17. In the Doorway
  18. Unlisted Track
  19. Studio Screw Ups


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