Medicali 3.5" Downstem

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This 3.5" Medicali Downstem is made in California using borosilicate glass for outstanding durability and quality. Slits in the bottom of the downstem break your smoke into countless bubbles, creating a smoother hit than traditional downstems. Compatible with water pipes that have 18mm female joints, the downstem is compatible with most 14mm male bowls and accessories. Use this downstem to replace the one that originally came with your Medicali water pipe, or use it to upgrade your existing setup without needing to buy a whole new piece.


Medicali is a well-known and loved premium glass company based in Gardena, CA. They are experts at creating durable and affordable scientific glass pieces with convenient sizes and powerful percs. Medicali’s pieces are set at incredible prices, allowing people of all budgets to experience their magic without breaking the bank. Unlike other companies, Medicali’s entire line of glass smokeware is made entirely in the United States from high-quality borosilicate by trained professionals. They also manufacture a wide variety of accessories including grinders, ash catchers, and so much more, to satisfy all your smoking needs!



*Do not include the frosted glass joint in your measurements when determining the length of the downstem you are replacing.

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