Led Zeppelin - Physical Graffiti (LP)


Led Zeppelin's sixth album was released in 1975 on the group's new Swan Song Records label. The band wrote and recorded eight songs for the album in 1974, the total playtime covered just under three sides of an LP, so they decided to expand it into a double album by including previously unreleased tracks from earlier albums. Physical Graffiti was a huge success both commercially and critically, debuting at number 3 on the Billboard Pop Charts and climbing to number 1 the following week, where it would stay for six weeks. The album is considered to be one of the strongest, most creative works from the group, and has sold over 8 million copies.




  1. Custard Pie
  2. The Rover
  3. In My Time of Dying
  4. Houses of the Holy
  5. Trampled Under Foot
  6. Kashmir
  7. In the Light
  8. Bron-Yr-Aur
  9. Down By the Seaside
  10. Ten Years Gone
  11. Night Flight
  12. The Wanton Song
  13. Boogie with Stu
  14. Black Country Woman
  15. Sick Again
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Barcode: 081227965785