HiSi 18" Double Geyser Perc Beaker

$499.99 $374.99
Made in the USA.

Are you looking for a piece that consistently delivers silky-smooth rips and isn't too tall to store easily? Then this is the water pipe for you!


This piece is an absolute monster of percolation, with two geyser percs breaking your hits into endless tiny bubbles. These percolators not only cool your smoke, they also moisturize your smoke to create a hit so smooth you could have only imagined it in your dreams. Not to worry though, HiSi carefully designed this pipe to minimize drag and provide an easy draw. They even added a splash guard at the top in case you add too much water and an ice pinch to cool your draw even more.





  • HiSi 18" Double Geyser Perc Beaker
  • HiSi 18mm Male Drain Bowl
  • Drain Cap
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