Godspeed You Black Emperor - Lift Your Skinny Fists Like Antennas to Heaven (LP)

Critically acclaimed and hailed as one of the best albums of the decade, GY!BE's second studio album is a psychedelic dismantlement of systems both musical and political.

Do you want to listen to a widely acclaimed album, that some list as one of the best of its decade? Do you like instrumentals mixed with spoken word sampling? Do you yearn for political satire and poetry? Well, lucky you! "Lift Your Skinny Fists like Antennas to Heaven" is all of that and more. The second studio album of Godspeed You! Black Emperor was released in 2000, and wowed critics with its hypnotic instrumentals and almost psychedelic mastery of music theory.  A mix of carefully calculated movements and untamed rock, this album lives up to GY!BE's anarchist reputation.


Godspeed You! Black Emperor, also known as GY!BE and Godspeed, is a Canadian post rock band, founded in 1994. The group's left wing views, and notable anti-war/dystopic lyrics, have often garnered attention from the public. This attention has occasionally turned to hostile scrutiny. A somewhat famous example is when GY!BE was on tour in the USA in 2003, and a gas station attendant, suspecting them of being terrorists, called the cops and FBI. The group was released from FBI custody after a background check. At least they got a great story out of it. While Godspeed You! Black Emperor is often labeled as a political anarchist group by audiences and governments, they have never claimed the label as a group. However there is no doubt that they are musical anarchists. Their music combines the ambient and the chaotic, and mixes a majority of instrumental content with spoken word poetry. To experience GY!BE is to experience tumultuous rage at prescribed systems. Godspeed to you, on your listening journey. 




  1. Storm: Levez Vos Skinny Fists Comme Antennas to Heaven; Gathering
  2. Static: Terrible Canyons of Static; Chart #3; World Police and
  3. Sleep: Murray Ostril (they Don't Sleep Anymore on the Beach); Monheim;
  4. Antennas to Heaven: Moya Sings Baby-O; Edgy Swingset Acid; She




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